Monday, June 25, 2007

No sleepin'!

Silly Hana and A&S! I am not asleep again, I was busy visiting some of my local dog friends. Here is my friend Hana, her mom says she is kinda chubby, but I think she is rubenesque.

I just love to give her kisses...

Now, I would like someone to explain this to me for I am a puppy and do not understand how the crazy human mind works. Is this funny to anyone else out there besides my people?! They put this on me and laughed and laughed and sang a song about some rock lobsters.

Embarassing...but luckily they made up for it by taking me on a looooong walk, we walked across this bay!! Usually there is water in it, but I think the birds are stocking up and they stole it all.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

That was a LONG nap!

Whew! Ohmydogness!! I gotta catch up! Here is what sort of dogventures I have been having.

I don't know if anyone remebers the evil llamas i had mentioned earlier, but I went to visit them again! They were up to their regular tricksies, trying to stare me down and spit on me, but I let them know who was top dog. I yelled and said "Hey, hey, llamas, go pick on someone with as many ears as you! Which is one...which is kinda scary..."

And then we went fishing! If you have never been fishing before, it is so much fun. You get to go real fast in a boat, my claire made sure to keep me on a leash because I kept getting doglusional and thinking i was a fishy and trying to jump in the river. We caught three fish! Well, after a few hours...

So since we had been fishin' so long, my people pulled the boat over and let me dig for rocks, this is a picture of my beautiful river beard.

On the other paw, we went to this thing called Vikingfest. That is my claire holding my leash and her friend from work, she has a boston terrorist that likes to eat people so she couldn't come with us. Anyways, there were a lot of vikings and horses and stuff, it was a good time.

Lookin' at the vikings made us hungry so we went shoppin', I made sure there was frosty paws on the list. Hey, there's a lid on 'em! Woof!

Now this is a sad story, I have a reindeer toy that has become my new favorite. And then my people moved the furniture...

It took some stitches and TLC but he is now almost back to himself.