Monday, July 9, 2007

Hana tagged me to tell you all about my secretaries. So I will! Here is a picture of them in Reno.

My claire's main job is to write down my barks and make me seem like a very funny, charming dog. She also gives massages and works with animals, even cats!
My josh's main job is to take me for walks and make sheckles to buy dog food. he works on big boats and also massages people.

They're good people, they didn't rescue me from dog prison like Ivy, they got me when I was 7 weeks old and they were just married. My josh picked me out cuz I was the feistiest one in my litter, I jumped on him and started chewing on his shoe! And did you know my first name was Checker? How silly is that!?

That's me and my josh snugglin', he's definitely a good snugglebummer...
And those are my people!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


A couple weeks ago my people's friends had to leave on a trip and they asked us if we could sit on their house and feed their animals. I thought it sounded like fun so I said ok!
This is Tanzi, she is a morgan horse that is VERY tolerant of my herding ways. I ran around her and barked and barked and she didn't bat an eye.

And think her name should be Lucy-fer because she scared me so bad my claire had to clean up the floor and put her away for the night in a bedroom.

And this is Daisy, the boston terrorist. She is one of the dogs that lives there and also my coworker! Actually, she's more of a boss, but I still think she's cute.

Here's me and her vying for a cookie.

I got it!