Sunday, December 30, 2007


I hope everydog had a pawsome Christmas. The card exchange was crazy!! Here's me with the cards we got.

Lois was very fond of Cairo, she has a thing for boxers...

And we both love Charlie, he only lives a few hours away!

My favorite present was a squirrel!!!

And the puppy got a Kong...

Jack-dog and the Bacon Lady and the Young Guy came to visit. Here's all of us lounging on the hissing bed.

And my Claire made some Bruce-scotti and let me and the puppy lick the spoon with the melted carob on it!

Delicious!! Hope everypup has a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


We have been so busy!! Lots of dogventures to talk about. First off, we are FINALLY getting along. Apparently, I am super-jealous of other dogs around my people.

But I have come to accept the fact that Lois is staying...see, here we are taking a nap together.

And here we are sharing a doggy cone...

And here we are at Fort Worden. We tried to be off-leash pups but there were too many people up there I was trying to herd and Lois has decided she likes to chase people on bicycles. Silly puppy.

I got some new ulphostery for my Brucey-limo!

We also decorated for Christmas, I handled the hanging of the lights.

Lois took care of the reindeer.

And we both put on a big smile for the camera!